Moon Connectivity in Horary Astrology - The most Crucial link

Krishnamurti Paddhati, or KP astrology, is renowned for its precision in predicting events and timing. It is a versatile system applicable to both birth charts and horary charts. When it comes to horary charts, there is no doubt about the accuracy of timing, unlike in birth charts. Today, let's focus on a crucial aspect of KP astrology – moon connectivity. In horary astrology, KP astrologers use two methods: the time chart and the KP number chart. Regardless of the method, moon connectivity must be examined after casting the chart. To ensure accurate predictions, you need to master three key aspects of horary astrology: 1. **Framing the Question:** Formulate your question precisely. 2. **KP Number:** Take the KP number accurately from the client. 3. **Moon Connectivity:** Reflect on the moon's position relative to relevant houses in the chart. Now, let's delve into the third aspect – moon connectivity. Why focus on the moon? In Vedic astrology, the moon represents the mind.

The Uniqueness of KP Astrology

Astrology has different branches with specific rules to interpret the planetary positions from a horoscope and predict the future. Understanding the uniqueness of each branch can be achieved by examining the generic set of rules for interpreting a chart. Vedic astrology, for example, creates a chart based on the location and time of birth, where simple rules apply to interpret the prospects for the individual. The uniqueness of other astrology systems is their interpretation of the constellations, which goes beyond planetary combinations in a particular house. In contrast, Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrology introduces an innovative way of interpreting the horoscope. The founder, Prof. Krishnamurti, divided the constellations into nine subs, allowing the astrologer to determine an individual's chart more precisely. This unique aspect differentiates KP astrology from other systems. The sub is the smallest portion of the zodiac that distinguishes an individual's chart from s